A bit about me.

I have had a great deal of experience making specialist accessory parts for the enthusiast modeller, I ran PP Aeroparts for nearly 14 years, and more recently designed and manufactured the Fighting 48th! range of cast resin model tank kits, which were very well received. Follow this link and this link see a review and some photos of my last resin kit, a Comet Tank. I have sold and distributed thousands of kit accessory parts over the years, but this will be my first proper plastic kit; a dream come true! I have designed decals and etched parts for Aeroclub Models, Accurate Armour Ltd, Welsh Models and many others. 

Professionally, I have worked as a model maker for the design consultancy Kinneir Dufort Design Ltd here in Bristol for 20 years, and work with 3D printers, CNC machines, CAD/CAM, on projects as diverse as medical scanners, chocolate, inhalers, even models for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project. Always aiming to achieve the highest quality, this glider kit project will be no exception. Top quality will always be the target, so the kit will be accurate, easy but a little challenging to build, a great addition to your aircraft model collection, and perhaps a perfect reminder of your first solo flight!

I have been very lucky to study a real glider while researching the kit; but not just any T31b, in fact it is XA310, the very same glider I learned to fly in 1975 at 621 GS, RAF Locking. She is now privately owned by Mr Al Stacey, and I want to thank him for his help and encouragement with my project so far. Not only that, but he recently offered me a flight in XA310; how could I possibly refuse? That's me in the back seat. Grinning!

 To contact me, please send an e-mail at