A bit about me.

I live near BristoI, in the South West of the UK. Professionally, I have worked as a model maker for the design consultancy Kinneir Dufort Design Ltd here in Bristol for 23 years, and have worked with 3D printers, CNC machines, CAD/CAM, laser cutting, resin casting, photo etching on a wide variety of projects. 

Prior to this, I ran PP Aeroparts for nearly 14 years, and more recently designed and manufactured the Fighting 48th! range of cast resin model tank kits. Follow this link to see a review and some photos of my last resin kit, a 1:48 scale Comet Tank. 

The Flying Start range is a new venture for me, to make a range of accurate accessory parts for 1:32 aircraft modellers using 3D printing. Focusing on my interest in British aviation, the range will cover a wide variety of stores, pylons and conversion items to make your models even more accurate and interesting. 

I am also designing a fully injection moulded kit of the RAF T31 Cadet training glider. Top quality is always the target, so the parts will be accurate, easy but a little challenging to build, a great addition to your aircraft model collection, and perhaps a perfect reminder of your first solo flight! More news as the project proceeds....

I have been very lucky to study a real glider while researching the kit; but not just any T31b, in fact it is XA310, the very same glider I learned to fly in 1975 at 621 GS, RAF Locking. She is now privately owned by Mr Al Stacey, and I want to thank him for his help and encouragement with my project so far. Not only that, but he recently offered me a flight in XA310; how could I possibly refuse? That's me in the back seat. Grinning!

 Suggestion or comments? To contact me, please send an e-mail to