The first project is for a 1:32 scale 3d printed kit of the T31b Cadet training glider as used by the Air Training Corps from the 1950's to the 1980's.

Model assembled and painted by John Wilkes

The kit has over 60 parts, mostly 3d printed in acrylic resin for accuracy and finish. It is designed to be straightforward to assemble, and includes much detail, for example, the cockpit will be entirely familiar! Complete cockpit details, accurate surface rendition of the fabric and wood structure, access panels, flying controls and more. 

The model has clear vacformed moulded windscreens, and a large set of decals covering all the major colour schemes used while in service with the various gliding schools. An additional decal sheet available separately allows almost any serial number to be applied to the model. 

 I have aimed to include as much detail as can be printed, and yet still have a kit that will be fun to assemble and paint. If you already collect 1:32 scale aircraft models, it will be a unique addition to your collection, a perfect contrast to Tornado and Phantom, Spitfire and Sopwith Camel. 

Even if you are not a regular model builder,  it will be a wonderful reminder of the first time YOU flew Solo! With the additional decal sheet there are sufficient serial characters to make up almost any aircraft, so you will be able to make YOUR glider. The finished model has a wingspan of about 16 Inches, and length of about 9 inches ( 410 mm x 220 mm) and it matches the scale of existing sports glider kits such as the Discus, LS-8 and ASK 21 kits made by Revell. 

If you have any photos showing special codes or markings, do drop me a line, I may be be able to update the instruction sheet to include them. More details here...

Price is £134 per kit, and the additional serial decal sheet is £6, postage charged at cost. 

 To contact me for more details or to order, please send an e-mail giving your name and postal address for delivery,  at