Free Fall Bombs 1:32

FLS32008 250 lb Bomb MC (WW2) £6.00 pair

Introduced into service during the early part of World War 2, this 'Medium Case' bomb was used in vast numbers by the Royal Air Force, Fleet Air Arm and many of the Allied air arms. This kit contains two bombs, perfect for use on anything from a Spitfire or Swordfish, right up to a Lancaster!  And if you want a Lancasters-worth, let me know! I am sure we can arrange a discount! 

FLS32009 250 lb bomb SAP (WW2) £6.00 pair

This 250lb bomb is the SAP version,  standing for 'Semi Armour Piercing', the body casing was thicker and had a more streamlined shape, and the nose was hardened to make penetrating armoured targets such as ships, fortifications and bridges. Used universally by British WW2 aircraft, as well as many allied forces as well.  Two bombs are included in the kit. 

To order, please e-mail with your requirements and delivery address details,  and I will send a PayPal invoice with the total prices plus postage, which will 'at cost' to you, 1st Class UK/BFPO, tracked or Airmail elsewhere.