Practice Bomb Carriers 1:32

FLS32001 CBLS100 Practice Bomb Carrier
(open bomb release units)
£10.00 pair

This set builds into a pair of unloaded CBLS units, where the release units are open and not holding practice bombs. 

FLS32002 CBLS100 Practice Bomb Carrier (closed Bomb Release Units) £10.00 pair

This set builds into a pair of  CBLS units where the release units are closed, and therefore able to hold practice bombs. The bombs are available separately below.

FLS32003   Practice Bomb set for CBLS units £5.00

This set includes Practice bombs for the CBLS units above, as well as several other practice stores. 4 of the smaller 4 Kg bombs are included, plus 2 of the longer 28 lb bombs, plus a spare of each. Note that with the CBLS 100,  that the longer bombs are fitted in pairs into the rear ERUs only, with the forward ERUs left unloaded. CBLS 100 can carry four of the 4 kg bombs at once. 

FLSDEC32001  Decals for CBLS 100 units       £6.00

Digitally printed waterslide decal sheet providing enough markings for 4 CBLS 100 pods, with a selection of station codes and numbers.

To order, please e-mail with your requirements and delivery address details. I will send a PayPal invoice with the total prices plus postage, which will 'at cost' to you, 1st Class UK/BFPO, tracked or Airmail elsewhere.