Slingsby T31B Cadet training glider project

Hi, my name is Tim Perry, I am 61 living in Bristol in the UK.  I grew up making Airfix kits, and like thousands of other young people in the UK I learned to fly with the Air Training Corps, in a Slingsby T31b Cadet two-seat glider. Since then, I have often wondered why there wasn't a good plastic kit of this aircraft, as I would certainly buy one! So, as it seemed the traditional kit makers were not going to tackle this subject, I decided I would have a go. I hope there will be enough scale modellers, glider fans and especially anyone who learned to fly in these tough little gliders to make the kit viable.

Latest News! 9th April 2020

Sadly, for the moment at least, this project is on hold. Rest assured, I am looking for assistance with the injection moulding of this kit, but under the current world situation with Covid 19 tramping about the place, this is not possible at the moment. 

However, I am looking at running a few 3D printed examples using the same 3D CAD data, and if these tests are successful I should have some examples to sell shortly. Please drop me a line if you are interested.


 I have already done the bulk of the CAD design work, have made 3D printed prototypes to test the assembly, as well as designing most of the decal artwork. The CAD model has been based on original drawings and studying a real glider, XA310, which is still flying.

As you can see, all the hard design work has been done, and the 1:32 scale kit design is ready to go. Work is currently halted until the present Virus situation is resolved. Some 3d printed examples are being prepared in the meantime. Please contact me if you are interested in this possibility.

Work has also been started on the box artwork, packaging, instructions and decals ready for the kit, but the mould will take the longest period to complete and is the single most expensive part of the project. This will be the next major milestone to achieve.


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