Slingsby T31B Cadet training glider project

Hi, my name is Tim Perry, I am 63 living in Bristol in the UK.  I grew up making Airfix kits, and like thousands of other young people in the UK I learned to fly with the Air Training Corps, in a Slingsby T31B TX.3 Cadet two-seat glider. Since then, I have often wondered why there wasn't a good model kit of this aircraft, as I would certainly buy one! So, as it seemed the traditional kit makers were not going to tackle this subject, I decided I would have a go. I hope there will be enough scale modellers, glider fans and especially anyone who learned to fly in these tough little gliders to make the kit viable.

Latest News! 5th March 2022

Finally, I have the 3d printed kit of the T31B TX.3 Cadet Glider ready for sale! Parts include wings, fuselage, tail and detailed cockpit interior made with a fine quality 3d printing process. Also provided are metal tubes and wire for spars, alternate struts and location pins. A 21 page instruction document covers assembly, handling 3d printed parts, suggested tools and adhesives.  A top quality decal sheet is included covering the 3 main colour schemes used on these gliders, and fully illustrated colour diagrams show these in detail. A supplementary sheet is also available with additional serials, so that any (bar one odd one!) RAF aircraft can be depicted, as well as XA310 as she is being flown at the Bristol and Gloucester Gliding Club, Nymphsfield, near Stroud, Gloucestershire. T

The kit is priced at £134 plus postage. 

Available directly, or through eBay. Search for:-

Flying Start Models 1:32 3D Printed kit Slingsby T31B TX.3 Cadet glider

The extra serial decal is £6.

To order, contact me directly on this e-mail address, with your address details, I can then advise postage costs and payment details via a PayPal invoice.

Above, pack shot, with instructions and kit decal sheet.

The main fuselage, wings and cockpit floor 3d printed parts. The support structure is easily cut away with SHARP flush cutters.

Smaller parts, tail and rudder, vacformed windscreens and an assortment of metal wire and tubing. Wing struts are now also provided as 3d printed parts , giving a choice for the modeller between for a true scale appearance and a sturdy construction.  Also provided are lengths of stainless steel tube for the wing spars.

21 pages of instructions, covering part preparation, assembly, colour notes, marking placement, rigging and reference suggestions.

You can download a copy of the current instruction document here...

Model assembled and painted by John Wilkes

Top, the decal sheet supplied with the kit, covering at least one aircraft for each of the main service colour schemes for this aircraft. The lower sheet is available separately, and this provides a range of alternate AIR CADETS lettering sizes and styles, as well as enough additional letters and numbers to make any (bar one odd one!) aircraft serial. Finally, decals for XA310 as she is currently marked, and flown, by her owner Mr Al Stacey.  Grateful thanks to him and his colleagues Andy and Adam who helped so much with this project!

There is a comprehensive In the Box review on Large Scale Planes, click here to see more details of this kit.

To order, contact me directly on this e-mail address, with your address details, I can then advise postage costs and payment details via a PayPal invoice.


Adam, and me under the wing, about to relive my solo flight 40 years earlier, in the same aircraft!

CAD rendering of the design. More pics to come!


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